S/N L0607-1

Asking Price: $120,000

This refurbished, high-performance drum unloader has very few operating hours, and it has been upgraded with the latest Uniflow hydraulic power unit technology. It is loaded with upgrades such has hydraulic power clamping to speed up drum changes; a hydraulically-powered drip tray, also to speed up drum changes; a Temposonic ram position sensor that measures the follower plate position within 0.010”; a fume exhaust shroud; and a follower plate with a thermally-isolated sealing cylinder that enables operating temperatures up to 525ºF. As a new machine, this unit would sell for well over $200,000. This refurbished machine looks and performs like new and it comes with the same warranty as a new machine, so this price is a real bargain.


Standard Specification & Features

Overall Size: Width – 64 inches ; Depth – 44″; Height (beam fully raised) – 116 inches.
Weight: 1,500 lbs.
Air Requirements: (PSI) – 80 Min., 150 Max.
Air Consumption: Less than 1 SCFM Continuous.
Electrical Service: 240 VAC, 3 phase, 60 HZ, 150 AMP.
Power Consumption: 135 AMPS peak
Temperature Range: 100º F to 525º F
Material Flow Rate: Up to 2000 lbs./hr. (depending on hot melt type).
Material Viscosity: 100 CPS to 2 Million CPS
Start-Up Time: Less than 20 minutes. (From 65°F)
Total “Drum Change” Flow Interruption: Less than 5 minutes.
  • Patented “SEG-O-SEAL” Segmented Drum Seals. Damaged Seal Section can be replaced by “Tapping In” repair plug (even on hot platen).
  • 34 KW platen with 6,000 square inches of finned heat transfer area.
  • PLC Machine Control w/ Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • PLC-Based Temperature Controller
  • Touch Screen Temperature Display
  • Run/Stand-By Temperature Settings
  • Over-heat and Low Heat Alarm & Auto Shutdown
  • Medium Pressure (1,000psi working pressure) Flexible Heated Hose with Dual Platinum RTD’s and JIC Swivel end Fittings, 1” ID, Teflon-Lined
  • Hydraulic ram cylinders capable of delivering 8 tons of ram force.
  • Rugged Positive Displacement Gear Pump with Hardened Internals
  • Operates with Fiber or Steel Drums
  • 1-1/2″ solid steel base plate
  • 2 HP AC Inverter Duty, Variable Speed Pump Motor
  • Stack light indicators
  • Heated “Drum Empty” air bleed valve with boost and with release-coated collector pan & safety guard
  • Positive Pressure Platen Wiring Chamber
  • Stainless steel clam shell jacket with hydraulic power clamping.
  • RTV-coated “ring shroud” fume exhaust kit
  • Hydraulically-powered drip tray
  • Temposonic ram position detector to provide accurate measurement of ram position and calculate amount of product that has been pumped.