“Pumpless” Direct Extrusion 1 Gal Pail Unit – Model 1430HC

Delivers high viscosity liquids, silicone-based adhesives, and thermally conductive heat sink polymers directly to the dispensing head, without a pump. No motor, no gearbox, no pump, no problems with crosslinking. The unique combination of hydraulic ram and “pail reinforcing” jacket allows polymer pressurization (at adjustable pressures up to 400 psi) right inside the pail. Product flows directly from the pail into the delivery hose and right to the dispensing valve with no shear.


  • Adjustable ram force for setting polymer pressure
  • Over-night shut-down and restart the next day with no purging
  • Multiple output hose and valve capability without flow variation (when valves are opening and closing randomly)
  • One to two-minute pail change with immediate flow resumption

features of the 1 gallon hot melt pail

Hot Melt Machines for Automotive

Our 1-gallon pail hot melt machines are used by a wide array of industries; however, these machines are especially useful to the automotive industry. If you have a hot melt equipment need for an auto company, please contact us.

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1 gallon pail

1 gallon hot melt pail