20 Ton Hydraulic Drum Unloader – Model 230

Model 230 Drum Unloader

Fitted with a 20-Ton Hydraulic Ram and optional 5 horsepower motor, this drum unloader can pump adhesives and sealants measuring up to 2 million cps @ 300° F.

55 gallon bulk drum unloader

Standard Specification & Features

Overall Size: Width – (Control Box face to cross beam junction box)-59 inches (75 inches for 480 VAC Unit) – depth – 31″; height (beam fully raised)-116 inches.
Weight: 1,300 lbs. (empty) (1,800 lbs. 480 VAC Unit).
Air Requirements: (PSI) -80 Min., 150 Max. (Hydraulic RAM Optional.)
Air Consumption: Less than 1 SCFM Continuous.
Electrical Service: 208/230 VAC, 3 ph, STD. (480Vopt.) 50/60 HZ, 150/200 AMP Entrance.
Power Consumption: 135 AMPS at 230 VAC
Temperature Range: 100 F to 550 F (Depending on Platen Style)
Material Flow Rate: Up to 2000 lbs./hr. Depending on hot melt type and Platen Style.
Material Viscosity: 100 CPS to 2 Million CPS
Start-Up Time: Less than 20 minutes. (From 65°F)
Total “Drum Change” Flow Interruption: Less than 5 minutes.
  • Patented “SEG-O-SEALÒ” Segmented Drum Seals. Damaged Seal Section can be replaced by “Tapping In” repair plug (Even on hot Platen).
  • 34 KW (Optional 52 KW) platen with up to 6,000 square inches of finned transfer area.
  • PLC Machine Control w/ Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • PLC-Based Temperature Controller
  • Touch Screen Temperature Display
  • Run/Stand-By Temperature Settings
  • Over-heat and Low Heat Alarm & Auto Shutdown
  • “Toe Clamp” drum hold-down device for air units
  • High Pressure Flexible Heated Hose with Dual Platinum RTD’s and JIC Swivel end Fittings, 5/16” ID thru 2″ ID, Teflon-Lined
  • Up to 20 ton capacity ram cylinders
  • Rugged Positive Displacement Gear Pump with Hardened Internals
  • Operates with Fiber or Steel Drums
  • 1-1/2″ solid steel base plate, or 3″ solid steel plate for 20-ton unit
  • AC Inverter Duty, Variable Speed Pump Motor (1 HP STD, 2 & 5 HP Optional)
  • Stack light indicators
  • Heated “Drum Empty” air bleed valve with boost and with release-coated collector pan & safety guard
  • Coated Collector Pan & Safety Guard (Model 308)
  • O-Ring Face Seal, 4-Bolt, Pump Outlet Port (Accepts Optional Multi-Hose Manifold.)
  • Release Coated Platen Drip Tray, (Model 078)
  • Positive Pressure Platen Wiring Chamber