Uniflow® drum unloaders pump mastic 4X faster than competitors.

At IMMCO, we can help you meet your goals for boosting demand and lowering costs using the Uniflow line of hot melt drum unloaders for cable stranders.

Uniflow Model 4230 Drum Unloader

Uniflow Model 4230

The low-cost, reliable Uniflow Model 4230 is ideal for cable stranders running hot melt mastics. It has an upgraded 2.5 tons of ram force and 6,000 square inch platen, and IMMCO guarantees it will pump 40% faster than competitors’ machines.

Uniflow Model 230

When pumping a high viscosity material, choose the Uniflow Model 230. This high-performance 20-ton hydraulic drum unloader generates up to 40,000 pounds of ram force to pump highly vicious strand filling compounds.

Equip your cable stander with a superior drum unloader.

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In addition to crafting high-quality drum unloaders for cable stranders, IMMCO provides equipment for pumping the mastic.

Uniflow machines pump any type of hot melt material. For instance:

Uniflow Model 230 Hydraulic Drum Unloader

Strand Filling Mastic

Chase BlH20ck® is an ideal filling compound for cable stranders, but it’s highly viscous, and using it isn’t simple. However, a Uniflow machine can pump this material at a decent rate.

A Uniflow drum unloader also pumps to the bottom of the barrel. Competing machines leave behind 25-40 pounds of material waste in each drum, whereas a Uniflow leaves just 2 pounds or less.

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) Adhesives

PUR cures when exposed to air, and IMMCO’s patented Seg-O-Seal system completely locks out air. After pumping half a drum of PUR and letting the machine sit for six months, it started again and none of the PUR in the drum had cured.

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives)

There are plenty of competitor machines that handle PSAs, but IMMCO’s pumping rates are superior no matter the PSA. A Uniflow can pump every hot melt material at least 40% faster, guaranteed.

Abrasive Pumping

Some manufacturers use abrasive adhesives for product durability, but the downside is the wear and tear on their equipment—ordinary pumps deteriorate quickly. IMMCO has a gear pump that lasts over twice as long as competing machines.

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Faster speeds. A Uniflow pumps mastic 40% faster than the competition, guaranteed.

Less material waste. Uniflow machines get to the bottom of the barrel, leaving just 2 pounds of material—or less—in each drum.

Ease-of-use. Uniflow unloaders are easy to operate and maintain.

Short lead times. IMMCO can deliver a new Uniflow in as little as 1 to 2 weeks.


Industrial Machine Manufacturing (IMMCO LLC) has been building hot melt drum unloaders since the mid-70s—we’ve earned a reputation in the underground cable industry for superior performance and reliability.

Reach out to us, and draw on our decades of industry-leading experience.

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