Uniflow Model 230 Hydraulic Drum UnloaderAt IMMCO, we know extruders are essential for producing continuous products such as adhesive tapes. In order to help manufacturers succeed, we’re pleased to provide unique, high-performance drum unloading solutions.

If you want to pump extremely viscous adhesives (with upwards of 1,000,000 centipoises), our machines outperform the competition. Uniflow hot melt drum unloaders are renowned for their capacity to handle difficult materials—and at a speed 40% faster than other options.

In short, a Uniflow could be precisely the viscous pumping solution you’re looking for.

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The Model 230HO Uniflow is a mighty machine. It generates 8 to 20 tons of downward hydraulic force on its heated, 500ºF high-temperature platen. Which is huge.

Consider a typical pneumatic unloader with a 2.5-ton ram and a maximum temperature of 400ºF. That operating range works for many applications, but not all.

Case in point—we had a tape manufacturing customer frantic to reclaim their cured adhesive for extrusion. They had far too much material just going to waste. However, they knew that if they could pump the extremely viscous material to their extruder at only 100 PPH (pound per hour) they could save massive amounts of money.

And who are we to deny our customers a fantastic profit?

Testing their viscous product on our Uniflow Model 230HO, we hit an impressive 400 PPH. With a single purchase from us, they achieved a 3-month payback.

They bought one unit, then two more—an upgrade which saved $2 million per year.

Are you interested in another real-life example?

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Boost production speed with the fastest pumping rates. We guarantee a Uniflow will unload hot melt at least 40% faster than our competitors.

Saves money by cutting material waste. Our machines pump to the bottom of the barrel, leaving a mere 2 pounds of material in each drum.

Keep life simple through ease-of-use. Straightforward to operate and maintain, Uniflow drum unloaders combine reliability and simplicity.

Swift service with shorter lead times. Need a pump, now? We can deliver a new hot melt drum unloader in as little as 1 to 2 weeks.

IMMCO’s Uniflow drum unloaders pump any type of hot melt material. For example:

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) Adhesives

Uniflow drum unloaders have excellent seals on the platen to effectively lock out air and minimize waste.


IMMCO has pioneered a gear pump that successfully combats wear and tear, lasting over twice as long as competing pumps.

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives)

We’re proud of our pumping speeds, and rightfully so. No matter the PSA, a Uniflow pumps it faster than any competing machine.

In fact, we pump every hot melt material at least 40% faster, guaranteed.


Since the mid-70s, Industrial Machine Manufacturing (IMMCO LLC) has led the industry, building quality hot melt drum unloaders. We’ve earned a reputation for personalized solutions and high-performing machines made to last.

To support your extruder application with a hot melt drum unloader, look no further than Uniflow for dependable production rates, productivity, and maintenance savings.

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