IMMCO builds, services, and installs an array of high-performance drum unloaders and equipment to support your laminating production line.

Uniflow Model 2340 Drum UnloaderKnown for its low price and ability to handle any lamination application is the Uniflow Model 4230, our most popular drum unloader. It’s found in a growing list of industries. For instance, the Model 4230 (and other IMMCO products) aid the manufacture of:

  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Molding

As a trusted supplier, we build our hot melt drum unloaders with an attention to detail that reduces adhesive waste, ensures great performance, and supports laminators with very high production rates. In fact, we guarantee a 40% higher pump rate (and sometimes even double the pump rate) over our competitors’ machines.

Are you looking for a high-quality adhesive pump for your laminating process?



Although IMMCO is best known for drum unloaders, we’re able to supply any of the equipment necessary to get hot melt from a drum unloader to a laminator.

For example, customers frequently praise our dispensing valves—“guns”—which are designed to last longer and deliver material to the laminator faster than competitors.

Other quality equipment we sell:

  • High-speed, long-lasting dispensing valves
  • Precision metering stations
  • Bleed/boost assemblies
  • Heated hoses
  • Remote monitoring systems

Laminating with PUR Adhesives

Due to high early strength and other advantageous material properties, manufacturers regularly use PUR (polyurethane reactive) hot melt adhesives during the laminating process. Although there are benefits to using PUR, pumping hot melt can be frustrating without the right equipment.

The issue is that PUR cures on contact with air, so whatever adhesive is left after pumping is wasted. At least that’s the typical problem. Thank goodness Uniflow drum unloaders perform better than typical.

  • First, our patented Seg-O-Seal system completely locks out air.
  • Second, Uniflow Drum Unloaders pump to the bottom of the barrel.

Competing drum unloaders leave 25 to 40 pounds of adhesive in the drum, whereas a Uniflow leaves just 2 pounds or less. We have some customers who achieved a 3-month payback from the reduction in material waste alone!



Faster rates for faster production speeds. Uniflow pumps at least 40% faster than the competition, guaranteed.

Reducing material waste saves cash. Our machines leave just 2 pounds of material or less in each drum.

Ease-of-use to keep life simple. Uniflow drum unloaders are easy to operate and maintain; they offer reliability our customers appreciate.

Practical options add versatility. Features like our Model 382 semi-automatic bleed/boost runs from a touchscreen, boosting both productivity and operator safety.

Quick delivery lead times. We’re able to ship a new Uniflow in as little as 1 to 2 weeks (a speedy turnaround that’s often a lifesaver).


At Industrial Machine Manufacturing (IMMCO LLC) we’ve been building hot melt drum unloaders since the mid-70s. Since then, we’ve earned a reputation for personalized solutions and high-performing machines built to last.

When you want the best hot melt drum unloader for your laminating production line, work with IMMCO, the maker of Uniflow.