Uniflow Model 2340 Drum UnloaderRoll coating is often used to apply hot melt adhesives and coatings, and at IMMCO, we’re proud to support manufacturers with our high-performance drum unloading solutions.

Our signature product is the Uniflow Model 4230, an ideal hot melt drum unloader for roll coating and lamination applications, including: 

  • Tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Roof Materials
  • Flooring
  • Picture Frames
  • And more!

IMMCO systems have what it takes to support processes with very high production rates—we guarantee a 40% higher pump rate and sometimes we even double the pump rate of our competitors’ machines.  We’re renowned for short lead times and attentive customer service.



In addition to manufacturing superior hot melt drum unloaders, we also supply every piece of equipment needed to get hot melt adhesive from unloader to roll coater:

  • High-speed, long-lasting dispensing valves
  • Precision metering stations
  • Bleed/boost assemblies
  • Heated hoses
  • Remote monitoring systems

When it comes to roll coating, IMMCO’s Uniflow drum unloaders pump any type of hot melt material.

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) Adhesives

A common roll coating adhesive is PUR. And there are plenty of competitors selling conventional drum unloaders that’ll handle this adaptable adhesive. But wouldn’t you like something better than “conventional”?

PUR cures when exposed to air, so whatever adhesive is left over after pumping gets thrown away. Our Uniflow drum unloaders are different.  First, our patented Seg-O-Seal system completely locks out air. We once pumped half a drum of PUR and then let the machine sit for 6 months. When we started again, none of the PUR in the drum had cured.

Even more importantly, a Uniflow Drum Unloader pumps all the way to the bottom of the drum.  Whereas other drum unloaders leave 25 to 40 pounds of adhesive in the drum, a Uniflow leaves only 2 pounds, or less, of material.  We have some customers that achieved a 3-month payback just from the reduction in material waste!  

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives)

Generally easy to work with, there are plenty of competitors out there who can handle PSAs. What makes IMMCO stand out is our pumping speeds—no matter the PSA, we can pump faster than any competing machine.  

In fact, we pump every hot melt material at least 40% faster, guaranteed.

Abrasive Pumping 

Some customers use highly abrasive adhesives in their processes. These adhesives are great for improving durability. The downside is wear & tear—ordinary pumps deteriorate quickly. 

IMMCO has pioneered a gear pump that lasts over twice as long as competing pumps. And that saves our customers major money.

Take this floor moldings manufacturer, for example. How much did they save?



Faster pumping rates boost production speed. We pump 40% faster than the competition, and that’s a guarantee.

Less material waste saves money. Our machines get to the bottom of the barrel, leaving just 2 pounds of material—or less—in each drum.

Ease-of-use keeps life simple. Uniflow drum unloaders are straightforward to operate and maintain; they deliver reliability our customers appreciate.

Practical options improve versatility. Our Model 382 semi-automatic bleed/boost runs from a convenient touchscreen, improving both productivity and operator safety.

Shorter lead times reduce downtime. We can deliver a new Uniflow in as little as 1 to 2 weeks; a speedy turnaround that’s a lifesaver.


At Industrial Machine Manufacturing (IMMCO LLC) we’ve been building hot melt drum unloaders since the mid-70s. Since then we’ve earned a reputation for personalized solutions and high-performing machines built to last.

If you’re looking to increase production rates, improve productivity, or lower maintenance costs, partner with us to get our industry-leading hot melt experience working for you.