Uniflow Model 4230 Drum Unloader

When defects happen due to char, tape, label, or molding manufacturers will lose money. IMMCO provides a reliable solution.

A Uniflow hot melt drum unloader reduces material waste, pumping to the bottom of the drum. Even running at lower temperatures to ease char, IMMCO guarantees a 40% higher pump rate with a Uniflow compared to competitors’ machines.

IMMCO’s signature product is the Uniflow 4230, which ships quickly and achieves sufficient speed for nearly all slot die applications. However, the Model 230, a hydraulic drum unloader, delivers up to 2,000 pounds/hour.

Get a better hot melt adhesive pump for your slot die coating line.

Uniflow Model 230 Hydraulic Drum Unloader


In addition to crafting superior hot melt drum unloaders, IMMCO also provides equipment to pump hot melt to a slot die coating line.

  • High-speed, long-lasting dispensing valves
  • Precision metering stations
  • Bleed/boost assemblies
  • Heated hoses
  • Remote monitoring systems

Uniflow machines pump any type of hot melt material. For instance:

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) Adhesives

IMMCO’s patented Seg-O-Seal system completely locks out air. After pumping half a drum of PUR and letting the machine sit for 6 months, none of the PUR in the drum had cured when it started again.

Even more importantly, a Uniflow Drum Unloader pumps all the way to the bottom of the barrel.

Whereas other drum unloaders leave behind 25 to 40 pounds of adhesive, a Uniflow leaves only 2 pounds, or less, of material. Customers have achieved a 3-month payback just from reducing their material waste.

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives)

There are plenty of competitor machines out there that handle PSAs. What makes IMMCO stand out is the pumping rates—no matter the PSA, a Uniflow can pump faster than any competing device.

In fact, a Uniflow will pump every hot melt material at least 40% faster, guaranteed.

Abrasive Pumping

Some manufacturers use highly abrasive adhesives to improve product durability. But the downside is the wear & tear on the equipment—ordinary pumps deteriorate quickly.

IMMCO has pioneered a gear pump that lasts over twice as long as competing pumps. And that saves customers money.

Take the moldings manufacturer in this case study, for example.

Testimonial from a Slot Die Customer

I purchased a drum unloader (Uniflow model 4230T) and metering system (Uniflow model 5007) for our operation.   Since we operate in a nontraditional environment where we need flexibility and creativity, it was a pleasant surprise to see that IMMCO also worked closely with me to help address specific needs (ancillary and equipment modifications).   So it was more than an equipment purchase.   As for the operation and reliability of the equipment, it has been consistent and quite robust for our operation.   We do have our occasional lapses since we have complicated processes in our operation and have to deal with multiple technologies.   So with that in mind, the technical support has been outstanding.   I am amazed at the prompt response, patience and professionalism when helping us resolve any issues.  Which most have been caused by self inflicted mishaps on our end.   There is no doubt in my mind that we have found a long term partner.



Less char, same rates. A Uniflow pumps fast even when running at low temperatures; that leads to less char clogging slot dies and potentially ruining the product.

Faster pumping. Uniflow pumps 40% faster than the competition, guaranteed.

Reduced material waste. IMMCO’s machines get to the bottom of the barrel, leaving just 2 pounds of material—or less—in each drum.

Ease-of-use. Uniflow drum unloaders are straightforward to operate and maintain.

Short lead times. We can deliver a new Uniflow in as little as 1 to 2 weeks.


Since the mid-70s, Industrial Machine Manufacturing (IMMCO LLC) has been perfecting hot melt drum unloaders. Our machines have earned a reputation for superior performance and reliability.

Partner with us for personalized solutions for your slot die coating line whether you’re looking to increase production rates, reduce waste, or lower maintenance costs.