55 Gallon Drum Unloaders

Uniflow Hot Melt Drum Unloaders will improve your production capacity and lower your operating costs.

Guaranteed to pump at least 40% faster than any other drum unloader.

Pumps nearly all of the hot melt material from each drum reducing material waste by up to 95%

Uniflow 55 Gallon Drum Unloaders have been used for Hot Melt applications around the world since 1975. Whether you choose the model 4230, 230, or the 2035 you will get higher production, lower operating costs, and better reliability than with any competing machine.

[Low Cost] Model 4230 Drum Unloader

The Uniflow Model 4230 Hot Melt Drum Unloader is priced similarly to other pneumatic drum unloaders. However the Model 4230 is guaranteed to pump at least 40% faster than any other machine. The unique platen design pumps nearly all of the hot melt material from each drum, thereby reducing material waste by up to 95%.

[High Performance] Model 230 Drum Unloader 

The Uniflow Model 230 Hot Melt Drum unloader is designed for very high viscosity materials and/or very high pump rates. This hydraulic machine offers exceptional control and a wide range of options that adapt to unique pump requirements.

[Continuous Output] Model 2035 Drum Unloader

Many coating applications require continuous flow, so the operation cannot stop 5 minutes for a drum change. The Uniflow Continuous Output Systems use two or more Drum Unloaders to provide the capacity and the uninterrupted flow that certain applications require. 

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If you are not sure which Drum Unloader is best for you we’d be happy to assist you. Quotes are typically delivered in one day and new Model 4230 machines can be delivered in as few as two weeks.