Pressurized Reservoir Metering System – Model 2035

continuous hot melt output system
From time to time we have refurbished units available.

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  • 450 lb capacity pressurized reservoir
  • 4-zone, heated, stainless steel reservoir cylinder
  • Platen-mounted Zenith® high pressure metering pump
  • 34,000 watt secondary heat exchanger
  • Self-purging cycle for rapid cleaning / product change-over
  • Automatic air bleed / product sampling valve
  • Optional high pressure filtration ( to 10 microns )


  • Continuous metering of high viscosity adhesives and sealants
  • Processes polymers with viscosities up to 2 million cps
  • Stores up to 450 lbs of molten polymer in an “air-free”, “nitrogen-free” pressurized state.
  • Pressurized reservoir provides continuous feed of molten polymer to the metering pump up to 3,200 lbs/hr.
  • Can be supplied by up to (3) Uniflow drum unloaders
  • No adhesive “bridging” nor stagnation within the reservoir cavity
  • No “drum- change” flow interruption
  • “Self-purging” feature automatically returns unused polymer back to an empty drum under anaerobic (air- free) conditions. Leaves reservoir wall clean with “no” polymer residue
  • Ideal for moisture curable urethanes, UV curables and “char” sensitive polymers
  • “Direct extrusion”, zero shear, pressure-based metering option is available for low viscosity, UV curable resins.
  • “Bottom entry” reservoir input manifold is available for “heat- history” sensitive polymers
  • Type 316 stainless steel construction is available for “anaerobic” metering of UV-curable polymers, resins and compounds

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