Tandem System for Continuous Output

The Uniflow Model 2035 Tandem System offers the highest volume output in the industry—over 40% faster than the competition.

The tandem system comes with two machines that operate independently. When one machine is empty, the system automatically switches to the other to ensure zero downtime.

Uniflow Continuous Hot Melt Output Drum Unloaders are built to last. Many systems have been running in production daily for 30+ years.

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Customizable & Configurable

We can configure the system to operate as two stand-alone units, or both machines can feed a 2-in, 1-out heated manifold.

High Volume Applications

The continuous output hot melt drum unloader system can accommodate very high volume applications by using four Uniflow machines in a pod.

High Melting Efficiency

4,663 Square Inches of heated platen surface area provides the highest melting efficiencies (two times more than the competition).

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With a ram force of up to 40,000 lbs and 6,000 square inches of heat transfer, the Model 4230 Hot Melt Drum unloader offers high melt rates and long-lasting durability.

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Melt and pump adhesives faster than any other machine on the market with the Model 230 Drum Unloader. It can also accommodate very high-viscosity materials.

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The Tandem Uniflow System Model 2035 comes with two Uniflow Hot Melt Drum Unloaders. Each machine has a hose running to the same production line. When the drum is emptied on Uniflow A, the system automatically switches to Uniflow B, so material flow to the line is never interrupted.

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If you are not sure which Drum Unloader is best for you we’d be happy to assist you. Quotes are typically delivered in one day and new Model 4230 machines can be delivered in as few as two weeks.

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Get Your Hot Melt Hoses Performing Like New

We can clean your heated hoses for a fraction of the cost of a replacement hose and offer a fast 2-4 week turnaround time for most projects.

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