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Here are a few of the various equipment options that are available with our hot melt systems.

Gear Pumps

Our gear pumps are far less complicated and much easier to maintain than most of the piston pumps on the market.  Piston pumps have many wear parts, need periodic rebuilding, need a constant supply of oil to maintain their seal, and the output pressure fluctuates as the piston goes up and down. Our hardened gear pump requires no oil, does not wear, and supplies a smooth, constant flow of adhesive to your process. Since the pump is mounted on top of the follower plate, it can be replaced in about 10 – 15 minutes.


Our heated platens use our patented Seg-O-Seal® system.  Our seals last far longer than the competitions’ seals, and maintenance is a snap. In fact, a damaged section can be repaired in minutes without replacing the entire seal, even while the platen is hot.


Our platen has 6,000 square inches of melting surface area, which is TWICE the area of our nearest competitor.  More surface area means better heat transfer, faster drum changes, less downtime for heating up, and higher production rates with a single machine. It takes two of their machines to keep up with one of ours.


The heaters are molded into our competitors’ platens.  When their heaters fail, the entire machine is torn down to replace the whole platen.  Our 4230 platen is heated with two removable heaters that can be easily changed out by the customer.  It is a lot cheaper to replace a heater than a platen, and our heaters can be replaced in about 30 minutes.


Our competitors use proprietary controls.  We use an off-the-shelf PLC that can be ordered online and customized at a fraction of the cost.


The hoses have quick disconnect couplings, so a hose can be changed in about 5 minutes.  Also, our hoses come standard with (2) RTD’s so if one fails, you can switch to the 2nd RTD and not have to replace the hose.

T-Bar Manifolds

For units that use a T-Bar Manifold, the heater can be replaced in less than 30 minutes.


hot melt handgun for adhesivesFor units that use one or two handguns, the handguns have quick-disconnect couplings, so they can be replaced in about 5 minutes.


The Uniflow® is exceptionally easy to use and maintain. The only wear parts are the seals.

Uniflow Options

Option 1: Allen Bradley Controls Package

You really don’t need A/B controls since the Automation Direct PLC comes with Ethernet capability, and you can use that feature to integrate with your Allen Bradley PLC or any other network that uses Ethernet IP. Still, the Allen Bradley option is offered for those customers who prefer to use the same PLC across their entire plant.

Option 2: Semi-Automatic Bleed Boost

This is a terrific safety feature. The standard machine, like our competitors’ machines, uses a manual valve for bleed/boost. Before the heated platen is lowered into a new drum, the operator manually opens the valve. When material begins bleeding out of the valve, the operator manually closes it. Similarly, when the platen reaches the bottom of the drum, the operator reaches into the drum, manually opens the valve, and uses an air wand to inject air through the valve and beneath the platen. Without this air, lifting the platen would create a vacuum, and you would not be able to extract the platen.

The O-2 option allows the operator to operate both the bleed and the boost functions from the touchscreen. He does not need to reach inside the drum to open or close a valve. It is easier and safer than doing these operations manually.

Option 3: Overflow / Seal Failure Scanner

Our Seg-O-Seals perform well and last for a long time, but they will eventually fail. Normally, you would notice a seal failure before it became a major problem, but if a seal failure was overlooked for long enough, it would eventually allow adhesive to flow onto the top of the platen and cover it. This scanner detects adhesive on top of the platen. It automatically stops the machine and creates an alert.

Customer Reviews

Hot Melt Equipment Manufacturer in the United States
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Mark C.

“Before purchasing Uniflow equipment, we started out using cold press, an incredibly labor-intensive process. As demand increased, we moved over to using a roll coater with a 5-gallon pail unloader. Over time, demand continued to increase, and it occurred to us that the labor involved in changing a 5-gallon pail was not much different than changing a 55-gallon drum, so we purchased a Uniflow hot melt drum unloader. I was, at first, reluctant to make the capital investment in a larger hot melt unloader, but the Uniflow system has met or exceeded my expectations in every way possible. There has been a significant improvement in productivity from using a 55-gallon drum unloader. The operator interface is simple and clear. The Uniflow team did a fantastic job of training our employees. We were very pleased with the install. The technician, the sales team, and everyone at Uniflow has been very helpful and patient.”