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Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment
  • DSCF5931 Model 160 Clam Shell Jacket With Manual Clamps

Model 160 Manual Clam Shell Jacket For Fiber or Steel Drums

This full-height stainless steel jacket can be used with fiber or steel drums. The jacket gives “steel strength” to a fiber drum so that ram forces up to 20 tons can be safely applied.

Product Description


  • Drop forged clamps for strength.
  • Eliminates drum “splitting” by closing around a 22 ½” I.D. fiber drum, giving it “steel drum” strength.
  • Allows use of fiber drums with minor damage, such as cuts, creases or small punctures.
  • Holds the fiber drum rigidly centered between the two ram cylinders to prevent the follower plate from sliding off center.
  • Enables the use of high Ram Down force to allow the platen fins to penetrate tough, high-viscosity material to deliver a higher output.