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Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment
  • MODEL 2035-P3  Reservoir Without Drum

Model 2035-P3 Reservoir

The Uniflow Model 2035-P3 Reservoir System is used for hot melt pumping applications that require high production rates. It is similar to the Model 2035 Reservoir System, but this system has three independently-controlled gear pumps mounted to the platen so that three production lines can be fed at the same time. One or two “slave” drum unloaders feed the reservoir through a port on the heated platen. The reservoir platen moves in response to demand to feed the reservoir mounted gear pump or optional precision metering pump. The material is never exposed to air, like in a tank, so there is no char. Hot melt material is continuously pumped from the Reservoir, even while drum changes are being made on the “slave” units.

Product Description


  • Similar concept to Model 2035, but it has three (3) Gear Pumps with independent controls.