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Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment
  • Uniflow Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum DeGassing Chamber

The Uniflow Model 2030 Vacuum Degassing Chamber is used to remove air from silicones, liquids, resins, and adhesives. The steel vacuum chamber that surrounds the drum allows high vacuum levels to be applied without fear of collapsing the drum. With the controls option, any vacuum cycle can be programmed to efficiently remove gases in the shortest time. An intrinsically safe configuration is available for safely degassing in an explosive environment.

Our Vacuum Degassing Chambers Can Handle Any of the Following:

  • Uncured silicone degassing
  • Liquid degassing
  • Resin degassing
  • Adhesive degassing

Product Description


  • Vacuum degassing to 29.9 inches of hg.
  • Air / hydraulic ram for lifting and lowering vacuum chamber.
  • Degassing of uncured silicone, liquids, resins, or adhesives from 55-gallon drums (hot or cold).
  • Easy loading and unloading of drums with hand truck or forklift.


  • Weight-1,200 lbs.
  • Dimensions-48″ w x 26″ d x 110″ h (fully raised).
  • Ram air supply- 80 psi (min) – 150 psi (max ).
  • Container sizes- up to 55-gallon Drums.
  • Chamber useable space- 27″ diameter X 40″ high.
  • View ports- (2) top-mounted, 4″ diameter with optional flood light.
  • Vacuum connection- 1/2″ npt (female) with manual vent valve.
  • Chamber finish- solvent resistant epoxy paint.


  • Stacking racks for small containers.
  • Programmable vacuum cycle controller with automatic vent valve.
  • Direct feed from Uniflow® hot-melt drum unloader for “melt stream” degassing.
  • Custom chamber tops for slot die or extrusion heads.