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Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment
hot melt platen

Platen for High-Viscosity Hot Melt

The Uniflow Model 081 Platen is used for the most difficult applications. Like all of the Uniflow platens, it has 6,000 square inches of heat transfer surface, so it transfers heat fast. In addition, this platen has thermally-isolated seals, thereby allowing platen temperatures up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have an extremely viscous material, or you require very high pump rates, this is the platen that you need.

SKU: 081.

Product Description


  • 6,000 square inches of heat transfer area, double that of the competition.
  • 34 or 52 KW configuration.
  • Operating temperature of 375ºF. to 525ºF.
  • Thermo-isolated platen seals to prolong their life.
  • Can only be used with fiber drums.