How many people want to wait 14 weeks for the delivery of their drum unloader? Nobody.

In fact, it’d practically cripple some manufacturers to be down that long.

At IMMCO we know it’s only natural to want the shortest lead time possible for a drum unloader. And frankly, we’re surprised that our competitors have such long, drawn-out lead times.

The competition might occasionally quote eight weeks, but more often, it’s a lead time of 12-14 weeks.

Our customers deserve better.

Take Moe’s story, for example:

“We needed a fast delivery, and IMMCO delivered. They shipped a new Uniflow Model 4230 Hot Melt Drum Unloader only 5 days after receiving our purchase order. We had an opportunity for manufacturing hospital gowns, which was a new product for us. The demand for hospital gowns skyrocketed as a result of the coronavirus, so we had no idea how long the opportunity would last. The quick delivery from IMMCO was critical, and it enabled us to capture this new business. Even better, the machine startup was easy, and the machine has been performing well. We would definitely choose Uniflow again, even if we did not need the quick delivery!”


A hot melt drum unloader is often a critical part of the manufacturing process. So (worst-case scenario), if a manufacturer’s existing machine fails, production comes to a sudden halt.

Knowing that pushes us to shorten the lead time on all our Uniflow pumps.

Truthfully, it’s customers facing an emergency who need a fast turnaround the most; however, all our customers receive some benefit.

Consider a manufacturer ordering a Uniflow because they’re producing a new product, or increasing production, or looking for the cost savings we provide. In any of these situations, getting a machine faster means improving profits sooner.

The majority of our customers are delighted to get their Uniflow so quickly after placing their order, and we’re delighted to get it to them.


We literally shipped a machine in ONE DAY for a customer that went down and needed a replacement. Keep in mind—this wasn’t a usual order. It was a machine we’d already fully built for a tradeshow and it got the customer back on their feet. They were glad to have it without any changes.

And you won’t believe how this next story ends.

We had a new customer who found us online. They had a window of opportunity, and if they’d waited 12 weeks for the competitor’s drum unloader, they’d have completely missed out.

They placed the order with us on the 16th, and we got them the Uniflow on the 21st.

And we could’ve done even better.

There was one commercial part (a gear reducer) that we had to rush order. If it wasn’t for that small delay, we could have shipped to the customer in only two days. That new customer was Moe from Precision Textiles; you can find his fantastic testimonial about the Uniflow above.

For a standard order, which isn’t overly complicated, it’s not unheard of for us to quote a lightning-fast, two-day lead time. Wondering how that’s possible?


All of our Uniflow machines are semi-custom, meaning we can complete 90% of the machine in advance, and then customize the last 10% when we receive your order.

That’s how we ship such a high-quality product, so quickly.

Sure, there are times when we’re forced to quote a 12-week lead time, but usually, we quote two to four weeks. And as it turns out, in reality, most of our orders ship in just one week or less (that’s 10 weeks faster than the competition!).


Lead time isn’t always the deciding factor for purchasing, but there are a few customers each year who have a desperate need for a machine. And they need it IMMEDIATELY. When that’s the case, we’ve got your back.

We do not charge extra for rush orders.

When a manufacturer is in a predicament we probably could get away with charging more. But taking advantage of someone like that is a shady practice.

We give you a fair price without gouging if you’re in a jam. That’s the IMMCO style.

In addition to the extraordinarily short lead time, our hot melt drum unloaders are superior in so many ways. Uniflow pumps have a precision-machined platen, which offers 4,663 square inches of heat transfer surface. That means the Uniflow pumps further down into the barrel—and pumps adhesives at a faster rate, too.

So why wait? Click below to see the astounding pump rates of the best hot melt drum machine on the market!

Pumping Adhesive Materials