Chances are you’ve heard us say (in more ways than one) that Uniflow machines are the best thing since sliced bread for those looking to boost pump speeds and productivity.

But to be honest, it may all seem just too good to be true. If you’ve ever questioned our claim of being “40% faster,” then this post is dedicated to you.

Why is Pumping 40% Faster Important?

When it comes to pumping adhesives, the question occasionally arises whether pumping faster is better. And the fact is, there is no answer. Because for some manufacturing processes increasing delivery speed won’t matter.

However, for others, the gains from pumping faster are huge.

For example, if a floor molding process is being limited by the drum unloader, increasing the pumping rate by 40% will increase production by the same amount. And that boost in productivity also boosts profits.

Just look at what happened for some of IMMCOs customers—they’ve been able to double their output on a production line, by simply buying a Uniflow. Maybe you’re thinking, “Double, how’s that?” It’s because there are plenty of cases where the Uniflow machine didn’t just pump 40% faster; it pumped 100% faster.

And that’s the type of game-changing results that anyone can be proud of.

Proving That Uniflow Machines Pump 40% Faster

It’s common today to hear claims that aren’t backed up, and that’s a shame. Having been building hot melt drum unloaders since the 70s, we’ve established a trusted reputation. For us, making assertions without proof is unacceptable.

Here’s the exciting part.

We offer free pump rate testing at our IMMCO facility in Richmond, Virginia, to prove our “40% faster” claim. Customers send us their material, and we pump it on a Uniflow Model 4230. In most cases, the customer observes the test with their own eyes.

All Uniflow hot melt drum unloaders, including the 4230 model, use a machined platen, which has 4,663 square inches of heat transfer surface (an area just about double what our competitors use). The larger heat area provides a better melt pool and a higher pump rate.

As an illustration, the smallest improvement we have ever shown is a 40% increase over what the manufacturer was achieving with their current drum unloader. Those numbers have even held up in production after the customer purchased and installed a Uniflow.

Who Were The Competitors Tested?

You must be wondering, which brand of pumps do we test against? Because that could make all the difference, right?

At IMMCO, if we’re doing something, we do it right, or we don’t do it at all. That’s why we don’t limit our comparisons to just one competitor. For example, we’ve run side-by-side tests with Nordson, ITW Dynatec, and Graco.

Our guarantee to you is simple.

If your new Uniflow doesn’t get a rate that is at least 40% faster than your current hot melt drum unloader, we offer a full refund. No questions asked.

Benefits Of Pumping 40% Faster

If you invest in a Uniflow hot melt drum unloader, you’re going to see an increase in pumping speed; that’s for sure. And if production restricts sales, you’ll also see a boost in sales.

Here’s an example of why that’s important.

We had one customer who had a problem to solve. His adhesive extrusion process required hundreds of drums of rework, but he couldn’t pump this extremely viscous material with his existing drum unloaders. They couldn’t even deliver one pound per hour.

After talking with IMMCO, he said if we could pump it at 100 PPH, it’d be considerable cost savings for them and worth the investment. We tested out a Uniflow Model 230H, our hydraulic machine, and we were able to pump the material at a rate of 400 PPH. Even though this Uniflow machine sold for about $200,000, his payback on the investment was only two months.

Sounds impossible, right? Like a dream that can’t be real?

But it is.

Added Perks Of Pumping Faster 

We’re used to talking about how Uniflow machines pump 40% faster. And that’s because we’re proud. But did you know that there’s one more game-changing benefit to take advantage of?

We had a customer come to us last year for a test, hoping to improve their pump rate from 300 PPH to a target of 400 PPH, which is a reasonable increase. Naturally, we topped that target.

We actually hit 600 PPH with their acrylic hotmelt adhesive, but they got even more excited about something else.

Uniflow could pump all of the material out of the drum. The customer’s existing unloaders were leaving about 20 kilograms in each drum. Sure, they loved the increased production the Uniflow 4230 offered, but the reduced material waste alone gave them an impressive, three-month payback on investment.

Pumping Adhesive Materials

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