Hot Melt Equipment

We custom build a wide variety of hot melt processing equipment that is used to melt adhesives and then apply those adhesives to various manufacturing processes. A wide variety of industries use our hot melt equipment, including furniture makers, insulated glass manufacturers, cable manufacturers, and many more. Nearly all of our equipment can be customized to serve whatever particular adhesive melting needs you have, and our systems range from small 1-Gallon Pail unloaders to some of the most sophisticated 55-gallon hot melt drum unloading systems on the market.

Hot Melt Systems Available for Purchase:

Why Choose a Uniflow Hot Melt System?

If your new Uniflow machine does not achieve a pump rate that is at least 40% faster than your current hot melt drum unloader, we will take it back and give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Need help estimating the cost of your next hot melt equipment purchase? Read our blog article about Estimating the Cost of a Hot Melt Drum Unloader.

Uniflow Case Studies

The Advantages of Choosing the Uniflow 4230 Drum Unloading System:

    • The simplicity of Overall Operation
    • The simplicity of Initial Startup and Learning Curve
    • Industry’s Highest Volume Output Available
    • 4,663 Square Inches of Heated Platen Surface Area, Providing the Highest Melting Efficiencies  (Two Times More Than Competition)
    • Long-Life, Seg-O-Seal® Design Allows for Fast and Easy Seal Replacement, Even While Platen is Hot
    • PLC Control Offers “off-the-shelf” Components and Programming Support
    • Competitive Investment Levels When Equally Configured
    • Long-Life, High Volume Gear Pump versus Piston Pump that Requires More Maintenance
    • Vent-Hood, Included
    • Replaceable Cast-Aluminum “Plate” Heaters vs. Replacing the Entire Platen if the Heater fails on Competing Machine.
    • Built to last.  Many Uniflow Systems have been Running Daily in Production for 30+ Years. References available upon request.
Maximum Material Viscosity 2 million cps 100,000 cps
Maximum Pump Rate 2,000 lbs/hour 500 – 720 lbs/hour
Maximum Melt Temperature 525o F. 400o – 450o F.
Maximum Pump Force 2,000 LB 1,000 – 1,500 LB
Maximum Ram Force 20 Tons 5 Tons

Uniflow Customer Reviews

Hot Melt Equipment Manufacturer in the United States
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Mark C.

“Before purchasing Uniflow equipment, we started out using cold press, an incredibly labor-intensive process. As demand increased, we moved over to using a roll coater with a 5-gallon pail unloader. Over time, demand continued to increase, and it occurred to us that the labor involved in changing a 5-gallon pail was not much different than changing a 55-gallon drum, so we purchased a Uniflow hot melt drum unloader. I was, at first, reluctant to make the capital investment in a larger hot melt unloader, but the Uniflow system has met or exceeded my expectations in every way possible. There has been a significant improvement in productivity from using a 55-gallon drum unloader. The operator interface is simple and clear. The Uniflow team did a fantastic job of training our employees. We were very pleased with the install. The technician, the sales team, and everyone at Uniflow has been very helpful and patient.”



To get technical specifications pertaining to any of the above hot melt equipment or to learn more about our other hot melt dispensing equipment, contact us online. We can also help custom design hot melt drum unloaders and other adhesive dispensing solutions for your operation on a case-by-case basis.