A leading manufacturer takes the guesswork out of project justifications by offering free testing of their hot melt equipment.

The purchase of new capital equipment is justified by the equipment’s capability, reliability, and payback. Here are a few questions to ask if you’re considering a capital equipment purchase:

  • Will your new manufacturing line be able to hit the required production rate?
  • Can new equipment enable you to increase the speed of an existing production line?  

Generally, a buyer has to rely upon the experience and assurances of the equipment manufacturer, but what if you could take out the guesswork? What if you knew a proposed machine would enable you to increase your line speed by 30, 40, or 50%? Well, now you can, and it won’t cost you anything.

Testing Your Hot Melt on a New Uniflow®

Based in Richmond, VA, IMMCO, has been in business since 1956 and has been manufacturing Uniflow® Hot Melt Drum Unloaders since 1975. Over this time, IMMCO has established a reputation for being able to pump higher viscosity hot melts and at higher rates than any other drum unloader manufacturer.

In 2017, IMMCO introduced its new value-priced pneumatic machine, the Uniflow® Model 4230, and it is performing better than any other pneumatic hot melt drum unloader on the market. In fact, IMMCO guarantees that it will pump at least 40% faster than any other machine. That’s a valuable guarantee, but IMMCO takes it a step farther by also offering free testing of your hot melt at its plant in Richmond. That way, you can know exactly what pump rates you can achieve with the Model 4230 even before you write that purchase order.

Following is a case study that demonstrates the value of IMMCO’s free testing service.

International Tape Manufacturer- A Case Study

We allowed a Fortune 500 global tape manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products to run a live test with IMMCO hot melt drum unloaders. This tape manufacturer uses a variety of Hot Melt Drum Unloaders in a number of their plants, including three Uniflow® machines that have been in operation for more than 20 years. Engineers at two other plants heard about the new Model 4230 from an IMMCO salesman and were intrigued by the performance claims.

They wanted new drum unloaders for a plant in the northeast United States that could pump PSA at rates up to 750 pounds/hour, and one of their mid-west plants wanted to pump a variety of butyl and natural rubber based hot melts at speeds of at least 500 pounds/hour (PPH).

Could the new Uniflow® Model 4230 Accomplish those Pump Rates?

IMMCO suggested running a test at their Richmond, VA plant, and their engineers readily agreed and lined up a time to come and observe the testing. Technical Data Sheets were provided for the materials, so IMMCO knew target and maximum melt temperatures.

The testing on all materials was an unequivocal success. The PSA was pumped at 750 PPH and the Kentucky hot melt materials were pumped at rates from 600 to 900 PPH, easily surpassing the 500 PPH goal. The successful testing gave the engineering team the evidence they needed to proceed with projects at both plants.

Additional Benefits & Advantages of Testing at IMMCO

Some of the test material was supplied in pre-used fiber drums. IMMCO recommends using only new drums, and the test showed why.

One of the drums split halfway through the test run. This convinced the engineering team to order the optional clam shell for the new Uniflow® machines. Our steel clam shell surrounds the entire drum and allows customers to use pre-used or damaged drums, without fear of splitting.

There are a number of options offered on the Model 4230, but this tape manufacturer was particularly enthusiastic about:

  1. Semi-Automatic Bleed/Boost, which enables the operator to perform these operations from the Touchscreen. This is a great safety feature and productivity enhancer.
  2. Seal Failure Detection – All Uniflow® Hot Melt Drum Unloaders use IMMCO’s patented Seg-O-Seals, which increase the seal life. Still, even Seg-O-Seals fail eventually. The Seal Failure Detection automatically senses when a seal fails and shuts down the machine before the platen is covered with adhesive.

When to Test Hot Melt Equipment?

Not every customer chooses to run a free trial at IMMCO’s facility.

In fact, most companies purchase a new Uniflow® without running a test because they have already been using Uniflow® machines, they have seen them in operation, or they were persuaded by our performance guarantee. So when should you opt for IMMCO’s free testing? Schedule a test when the project justification is dependent upon hitting a target pump rate.

For example, if your current drum unloader is pumping your hot melt at a rate of 300 PPH and you need 500 PPH, you should schedule a free test on one of our machines. You can learn exactly how fast the Uniflow® Model 4230 can pump your material and whether it makes sense to buy a new machine.

Contact IMMCO to Schedule Test

For more information on Uniflow® Hot Melt Drum Unloaders or to schedule your free test, call 804-271-6979 or contact us online. Click on the link below to learn more about our hot melt equipment.