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Hot Melt Drum Unloader - Model 4230Uniflow Drum Unloaders are exceptional at melting and pumping the standard Hot Melt and PUR adhesives typically used in the marine industry.  Not only can Uniflow machines pump PUR adhesives 50% to 100% faster than any competing machine, all Uniflow Drum Unloaders are built with a gear pump, not a piston pump, eliminating the need for constant oil level monitoring and the associated “mess.”  Our gear pumps produce a consistent, non-pulsing flow, and they require almost no maintenance.

Successful Applications Include:

  •  Wide floor and wall panel lamination
  •  Profile wrapping
  •  Varying assembly applications
  •  Post-forming.

All of our equipment can be customized to serve your production requirements, and our systems range from competitively-priced pneumatic units to the most sophisticated 55-gallon hot melt drum unloading systems on the market.

New Quick Ship Option – Uniflow Model 4230

* Usually Ships in 1 to 4 Weeks Depending on Configurations

We have prebuilt Model 4230 systems available in our warehouse and many ship within two weeks from the time an order is placed. For many of our marine customers, when a piece of equipment breaks, they need a replacement fast, which is exactly why we designed this versatile system. The Model 4230 ships faster than nearly any competing product available.

Despite being the most cost-effective option on the market, the Model 4230 has a 4,663 square inch platen that delivers twice the heat transfer of most competing products. If our Hot Melt Drum Unloader does not pump at least 40% faster than any other drum unloader on your current manufacturing line, you can return the machine for a full refund within 30 days of installation.

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Our Hot Melt Systems:

The Advantages of Uniflow Model 4230 Hot Melt Drum Unloaders:

  • The simplicity of Overall Operation
  • The simplicity of Initial Startup and Learning Curve
  • Industry’s Highest Volume Output Available
  • 4,663 Square Inches of Heated Platen Surface Area, Providing the Highest Melting Efficiencies  (Two Times More Than Competition)
  • Long-Life, Seg-O-Seal® Design Allows for Fast and Easy Seal Replacement, Even While Platen is Hot
  • PLC Control Offers “off-the-shelf” Components and Programming Support
  • Competitive Investment Levels When Equally Configured
  • Long-Life, High Volume Gear Pump versus Piston Pump that Requires More Maintenance
  • Vent-Hood, Included
  • Replaceable Cast-Aluminum “Plate” Heaters vs. Replacing the Entire Platen if the Heater fails on Competing Machine.
  • Built to last.  Many Uniflow Systems have been Running Daily in Production for 30+ Years. References available upon request.

Hot Melt System Features and Options

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Uniflow Customer Reviews

A Review of Our Hot Melt Equiment

“The output of the model we purchased from IMMCO was 1.5 times the output of the competitive product we were using at the same price. Worthen would recommend that you contact IMMCO to discuss their Uniflow product line when you are considering buying a hot melt drum unloader.”

Steve Hutter
Chief Manufacturing Officer
Worthen Industries

Get Your Hot Melt Hoses Performing Like New

We can clean your heated hoses for a fraction of the cost of a replacement hose and offer a fast 2-4 week turnaround time for most projects.

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