Hot Melt Drum Unloaders

The Uniflow Platen: Maximizing Hot Melt Drum Unloader Performance

At Uniflow, we take pride in the exceptional performance of our hot melt drum unloaders, and a significant contributor to this success is our unique machined platen. Unlike other companies that use molded platens, our machined approach provides distinctive advantages that set us apart. Unprecedented Heat Transfer Area We stand out [...]

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Best Hot Melt Drum Unloaders

From abrasives to insulations, cable to carbon fibers, if your industry involves pumping bulk adhesives, coatings or sealants then you are going to need large-volume drum unloading equipment. Whether you are investing or upgrading, here are some of the leading hot melt drum unloaders you should be looking at. UNIFLOW  [...]

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This case study shows how a large flooring manufacturer took advantage of a Uniflow Model 4230 to extend its roll-coating operations to a sister plant. THE UNIFLOW ADVANTAGE Companies prefer Uniflow drum unloaders for many reasons. Our machines are reliable, cost-effective, and pump viscous hot melts, such as PUR, significantly [...]

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Increase Productivity by 40% with the Right Hot Melt Drum Melter

Labor-intensive equipment and finicky procedures are misery for most manufacturers. These delays slow you down, costing you in revenue. However, your adhesive applications can be more productive with the right hot melt drum melter. All Uniflow hot melt drum unloaders come with a machined platen, meaning you get nearly double the [...]

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