At Uniflow, we take pride in the exceptional performance of our hot melt drum unloaders, and a significant contributor to this success is our unique machined platen. Unlike other companies that use molded platens, our machined approach provides distinctive advantages that set us apart.

Unprecedented Heat Transfer Area

We stand out as the sole company manufacturing a machined platen. This approach allows us to achieve almost double the heat transfer area compared to those using molded platens. Picture heating a pan of water on a hot plate the size of a quarter versus a hot plate the size of a pancake. Even with both hot plates at the same temperature, the larger one transfers more heat, so the water boils faster.  The same goes for our machined platens, resulting in a higher melt rate for our hot melt drum unloaders.

Efficient Material Extraction

Closer spacing of the fins in our platen design allows Uniflow hot melt drum unloaders to pull more material out of each drum.  While other platens leave significant amounts of material (20 – 40 lbs) in the drum due to hotmelt dripping out during platen withdrawal, our innovative fin design retains the adhesive. As a result, we can pull almost everything out, often leaving only a minimal 2 lbs of hot melt behind.

Modular Heater Design for Cost-Effective Maintenance

Unlike other platens with molded-in heater cartridges, our heaters are in separate castings. This unique design ensures that if a heater fails, you only need to replace the far less expensive casting, saving both time and resources. No need to replace the entire platen.

Customization for Optimal Applications:

Leveraging the machining process, our platens are highly customizable to optimize specific applications. This level of flexibility ensures that our hot melt drum unloaders are tailored to meet the unique needs of different manufacturing processes.

The Uniflow machined platen isn’t just a component; it’s a breakthrough in hot melt drum unloader technology. Uniflow’s commitment to innovation and customization sets us apart, providing unmatched efficiency, material extraction, and cost-effective maintenance.