Want to experience the performance of our UNIFLOW Hot Melt Drum Unloaders firsthand?Free Pump Rate Testing at UNIFLOW

Experience Proof of Concept Testing – Free of Charge

We don’t charge for our testing service. To get started, all you need is to provide the test material, an empty drum, purge material (if your material is moisture-cure) and cover the shipping costs. Once we receive the materials, your test will be scheduled and completed within two weeks, often the very next day.

Observe UNIFLOW in Action

You’re welcome to bring as many observers as you like to visit our facility and witness the UNIFLOW Hot Melt Drum Unloader in action. If you don’t care to travel, you can participate via video call, or we can simply share the results with you.

Besides your pump rate results, we invite you to view many of our available options including the clamshell jacket, semi-automatic bleed/boost, in-line filter, high-temperature pressure transducer, material output temperature sensor, and more.

Just wait until you see how little material is left in the bottom of the drum after the test!

UNIFLOW: Engineering Excellence and Innovation

UNIFLOW Hot Melt Drum Unloaders are meticulously designed and engineered to deliver pump rates that are at least 40% faster, while reducing material waste by up to 95%. This isn’t just a claim; it’s a commitment.

Success in Action: A Case Study

A Fortune 500 tape manufacturer recently partnered with us for rigorous testing. The result? The UNIFLOW Hot Melt Drum Unloader not only met but exceeded their requirements, achieving pump rates ranging from 600 to 900 PPH – comfortably surpassing their initial goal of 500 PPH. Impressive, right?

What’s on the Horizon?

Currently, we offer testing exclusively on our Model 4230, but we plan to expand our testing options to include the Model 230 in the future.

Get in Touch

Contact us today to discuss UNIFLOW’s complimentary proof of concept testing service and explore how our Hot Melt Drum Unloaders can enhance your production and meet or even exceed your production goals.