Skepticism is important when you’re buying new equipment for your business. You’re spending someone else’s money and your reputation is at stake. It’s going to reflect badly on you if the equipment doesn’t work the way you expected.

The way to be sure a Uniflow hot melt drum melter will deliver the promised performance is to see for yourself. That’s why we extend an invitation to every current and prospective customer—visit our facility in Richmond, Virginia, and see how our hot melt drum melters perform.


  1. You get to see the rate at which we can pump your adhesive. That gives you confidence in the justification you’re preparing for the purchase and the peace of mind that you won’t be let down.
  2. You learn a lot more by seeing our drum melters rather than just looking at pictures. Questions will occur that you wouldn’t otherwise think to ask, and you’ll get a better understanding of how the machines work.
  3. You’ll see for yourself how easy and safe our hot melt drum melters are to load, use and unload.
  4. You’ll get to know the people here at IMMCO, and those relationships help when you call with questions or need advice on servicing or spares.
  5. You might get ideas for ways of improving efficiency and productivity that you hadn’t thought of before. Some of these could relate to accessories and features you want on your equipment, and others could be more about how you’ll use it in your facility.
  6. There’s no charge to see us pump your material. Yes we’ll all invest some time and you will have travel costs, but it’s all about reducing risk and being confident in the predicted performance.


You’ll see one of our drum melters pumping your adhesive from a drum. (Of course, this means you have to send us your adhesive in advance of your visit!)

A demonstration isn’t all though. During your visit, you’ll learn how we achieve the maximum pump rate. You’ll also see what happens at different temperatures and different rates so you’ll know how to optimize the process in your facility.

We’ll discuss your current needs in detail because we want to be sure we’re offering the best solution. After all, our reputation is at stake, too! A visit is also an opportunity to learn more about the options available and see if any make sense for you.

We’ll ask about what you might need in the future. Maybe you know you’ll be changing adhesive at some point, or adding another formulation to what you already use. If that’s the case we can help ensure your drum melter can handle it.

Some customers require custom systems to suit their facility layout, type of application process, or for other reasons. If this is the case we will brainstorm with you to come up with a unique solution for your application.

Last, a visit is an opportunity to tour our operation and meet the people who will design, build, and support your machine.


There is no charge for the actual test, but you will incur some costs:

  • Test Material – You will need to provide one drum of your hot melt material for the test.
  • Empty Drum – We need something to pump into, so you are also responsible for providing an empty drum
  • Purge Material – If your hot melt cures with moisture, you will also need to provide at least ½ drum of a purge material, such as a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) or EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate).
  • Shipping Costs – You are responsible for the cost of shipping your materials to our plant, and also back to you.
  • Travel Costs – You will pay for transportation of your observation team.  If you prefer, you can observe the test via a video call, or we can just let you know the results of the test.


A customer visited us to see the performance of their free pump rate test. They’d seen our ads that guarantee a 40% higher pump rate and were hoping to achieve that on their acrylic hot melt adhesive. Imagine their reaction when we pumped their material 100% faster than their relatively new units from another supplier!

Things got even better when they saw how little adhesive we left in the drum. They were used to losing about 3” (40 lbs) of adhesive with each drum. The Uniflow left virtually nothing in the drum. They calculated they would get a 2-month payback just on the reduction in waste of an expensive adhesive!

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You want to see your adhesive being pumped, so shipping it to us dictates timing. We recommend scheduling at least a week ahead and preferably a little longer. If you’re booking flights, that will help you get better fares, too. We’ve hosted customers from Asia, Latin America, and Europe so we’re very familiar with the challenges of international travel!

Most visits start around 8:30 am and wrap up by lunchtime. When visitors are coming any distance we recommend staying in a local hotel the night before. If you’re able to join us for lunch after your visit, great! It will be a chance to get to know each other better.

Think a repeat visit will be necessary?

It’s uncommon but it does happen, most often if we’re developing a custom solution. In that event, the customer likes to see what our R&D team has come up with.


We know our hot melt drum melters provide exceptional performance, but we don’t think you should take our word for it.

Visit our facility and see for yourself how fast we can pump your adhesive. It will give you confidence in the justification you’re preparing, it will reduce risk in the project, and it may help you find additional savings and improvements.

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